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Useful Tips


  • When ordering vinyl, we recommend you always allow an extra 10cm for cutting in and fitting.
  • When laying vinyl always use a spray adhesive or double sided tape to make sure the vinyl will be fit correctly and flush to your floor.
  • Before fitting vinyl make sure that the floor is level so that no bubbles will be caused when fitting.
  • If your flooring is not level, please think about hard boarding or screeding your floor before laying your vinyl.
  • Vinyl flooring is a practical floor covering for areas that may possibly consist of water such as bathrooms or kitchens.
  • Please open out vinyl carefully as many vinyl's tend to crease easily.


  • When ordering carpet, we recommend you always allow an extra 10cm for cutting, fitting and stretching.
  • When fitting carpet without underlay it is best to use a spray adhesive or double sided tape to make sure it is fit secure rather than just loose laying.
  • We recommend that you buy a carpet that is suitable for the area it is going to be placed (heavy domestic for stairs and living rooms, general domestic for bedrooms etc).
  • Berber carpets tend to be a lot stronger and durable but a little harder underfoot.
  • Twist carpets are usually general or heavy domestic but still quite soft underfoot.
  • Saxony carpets are the softest carpet underfoot but tend to be more general/heavy domestic due to the amount of pile and thickness.


Getting the correct measurements for your room is very important as you need to know exactly how much to order to cover your whole floor. Measuring is done simply just by measuring the two widest points of your room with a tape measure. If you want your floor covering to go under appliances, please bare this in mind when measuring up and measure the area behind the appliances aswell making this the widest point.

For a clear understanding please see the diagram: